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As one of the main categories on this site, Comics contains, as you would expect, important information on comics that includes everything from articles that trace the history of comics, studying the evolution of characters over the decades, to interviews with illustrators, authors, collectors, and fans. We’ll look at the leap comics have made to the silver screen, discuss upcoming productions, directors, actors, trailers, etc., and then review the movies and TV shows as they air. Show crossovers? You better believe we’ll be covering that! The latest conventions? We’ve got the time, dates, and goods. Renewals, cancellations, rumors, general comic information, explanations/critiques of those giants gaps that have a tendency to happen in some productions … you’ll find it all here. Tops, breaking news, exclusive content, and more—this is the place to first visit when you have questions. Have a burning question that you’re not seeing reported or discussed elsewhere? Send us a message! The goal of the comic information section on this site is to keep you up-to-date, tied in with other fans who share similar interests, and in-the-know about all things comics. Did we mention that first and foremost, we’re huge fans? This site was born after we went looking for information on comics and couldn’t find anything as comprehensive as we wanted. It’s a site designed to give you everything you need in one place. The ultimate fan forum!

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